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San Felipe Mexico pharmacies and drug stores.

Locate drug stores and pharmacies in San Felipe for medicines, cold remedies, health care items, prescription drugs, pain medications and over the counter medicinal products.

Be aware when purchasing drugs and other medications which may be packaged in an unfamiliar language. Often doses and strengths may vary from similar medications within the USA or Canada.

Botica Sagrado Corazon

English speaking pharmacy in the same location since 1952. Open 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. every day.
Mar de Cortez #170, San Felipe, B.C. Mexico
011-52 (686) 577-1294

Botica Solymar - Drug Store

011-52 (686) 577-1462

Farmacia Regina

011-52 (686) 577-1258




Pharmacies in San Felipe Mexico.