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About San Felipe Mexico.

San Felipe HarborSan Felipe is a sleepy village located on the eastern border of California Baha, a state in Mexico, facing the Sea of Cortez. It's an easy 120-mile drive south of the United States border on Mexico Highway 5 through the town of Mexicali. The roads are good by Mexico standards and you should arrive in San Felipe aproximately two hours after crossing the border. Click here for detailed directions to San Felipe. Be sure to get Mexican insurance for the duration of your trip.

The town of San Felipe.

According to the 2005 census over 15,000 people call San Felipe home and the number is constantly growing. Along with local natives, many westerners are taking up residence here as winter homes or for retirement. During spring break and other major holidays the population grows to over 20,000 as tourists visit San Felipe. Young and old alike come to enjoy the great weather and seacoast lifestyle. During peak season be prepared for crowded restaurants, lines for gas and an occasional unruly tourist.

Tourism and real estate are the primary source of revenue for this quiet community. Long gone are the days when commercial fishing was the sole purpose for San Felipe's existence. Sport fishing remains a draw and seafood is major part of local diet.

Home builders are offering homes for sale on custom home lots as well as planned communities like El Dorado Ranch.

Foreign investment is modernizing the area with major resorts, condos and planned communities open, under construction or in the planning stages.

San Felipe has plenty to do. The beaches are lined with restaurants, bars and night clubs. There are ATV and jet ski rentals available for cruising the sand or water.

There is an International airport with car rental available.

Weather in San Felipe

Like Rocky Point the summers are warm and often humid. The best time to visit San Felipe is October through March. Local weather is influenced by the waters of the Sea of Cortez. Get current San Felipe weatherand forecasts here.

Sea of Cortez

The waters of the Sea of Cortez warm considerably by comparrison to the Pacific ocean on the other side of the Baha. The warmer waters stay long into the Fall season extending enjoyable water activity prospects. Early summer the water is still cool from the winter season. The tides fluctuate over twenty vertical feet which is one of the largest tidal bores in the world. At the extremity of low tide over one mile of ocean floor is exposed in some areas. These warm waters accellerate growth in fish and aquatic life making it a good area for sport fishing and some commercial fishing.